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How to make sure your guests know how to keep things clean

If you’re renting out your home on a short-term basis, it’s important to make sure your guests know how to keep things clean. Here are a few tips to help them out:

First and foremost, provide clear instructions on what is expected in terms of cleanliness. This can be done through a house manual or simply by leaving a note in a visible spot. House manuals are a great way to set expectations for short-term rental cleanliness, including what day trash pick-up happens.

Make sure all the necessary cleaning supplies are easily accessible for guests. This includes things like extra trash bags, dish soap, hand soap, and paper towels. Recoast Homes suggests also providing a broom, mop, handheld vacuum, or robot vacuum. Providing a few cleaning supplies like disinfecting spray or disinfecting wipes also really helps.

If you have specific requests for how you’d like certain areas to be cleaned, make sure to let guests know in advance. For example, if you’d like them to sweep the floors before they leave, put a sign up in that area.

Don’t be afraid to remind guests about your expectations throughout their stay and your checkout process. This can easily be done through carefully crafted automated messaging, text, or emails.

Encourage your guests to wash dishes and take out the trash on a daily basis. This will help keep your property clean and prevent unexpected and sometimes unintentional damage.

Finally, be available to answer any questions or concerns your guests may have about keeping things clean. This way, you can address any issues as they come up and help ensure a pleasant stay every time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Short-term rental cleanliness is a challenge for even the most seasoned professionals. We hope this helps you keep your short-term rental property clean and inviting for guests.

Sound overwhelming, live far away, or have issues with cleanliness, Recoast Homes can help! Contact us today at info@recoasthomes.com or visit our website for more information www.recoasthomes.com. You can also follow us on social media @recoasthomes for more tips and information.

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