How Strategic Property Descriptions Generate Revenue

If you manage or own a short-term rental, then you know that strategic property descriptions can generate a lot of revenue. But what exactly makes a description strategic? And how can you ensure that your descriptions are keyword-rich to attract guests?

Here are some tips on writing strategic property descriptions for your short-term rental:

1. Use keywords that potential guests are searching for.

Think about the words that potential guests would use to search for a rental property like yours. Include these keywords in your descriptions to ensure that your property comes up in search results.

In addition to thinking about the keywords that potential guests would use, you also want to consider the competition. What keywords are other short-term rental managers using? How can you use keywords to make your property stand out?

2. Write short, attention-grabbing descriptions.

Your descriptions should be short and to the point. They should also be eye-catching. Use strong adjectives to describe your property, and don’t forget to include images!

4. Highlight the unique features of your property.

What makes your short-term rental special? Is it the stunning views, the convenient location, or the luxurious amenities? Whatever it is, be sure to mention it in your description so that potential guests know what to expect.

5. Use persuasive language.

Your descriptions should be written in a way that will persuade potential guests to choose your property over others. Be sure to highlight the unique selling points of your rental, and avoid using overly sales-y language.

By following these tips, you can write strategic property descriptions that will help you generate more revenue from your short-term rentals. Good content takes research and time, so don’t rush it. Don’t have the time, or seem overwhelming to accomplish yourself, Recoast Homes can help! Or just want to learn more. Contact us today.

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